Emergency Shelter services are provided 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. The emergency shelter, located in Macomb County, MI, provides immediate safety and security for survivors of domestic violence and their children. The shelter can only be accessed through our 24-hour crisis line at 586-463-6990.

  • The Goals of the Program
    Since 1980, Turning Point has been providing emergency shelter for survivors of domestic and sexual violence within an empowerment framework which sees every intervention as an opportunity to return power to the survivor. By providing information, support, resources and options to the survivor, she can re-connect with her power and begin making choices that can change her future. Post-shelter advocacy and counseling are also available.

    • To keep survivors and their children safe from violence.
    • To connect survivors to available resources and options so that they can make informed choices regarding their destiny.
    • To help reduce the barriers that domestic violence victims often face when attempting to stay safe and/or regain control of their lives.
  • Children at the Shelter
    Over one half of the shelter residents are children. Turning Point has a specially trained staff to minimize the trauma these children are in and help them adjust to their new environment. Children staying in our shelter participate in counseling programs and support groups, where they have the opportunity to talk about feelings, learn to resolve conflicts and develop a safety plan. Weekly recreation nights, school enrollment assistance and child care are also provided. During the summer months, a day camp is offered for the children in shelter, which offers age-appropriate activities including visiting zoos, parks, or sporting events.

Being in a shelter is never like being in your own home, but the staff and volunteers at Turning Point are committed to making the facility as safe and comfortable as possible.