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Community Advocacy Housing Program

Turning Point’s Rapid Re-Housing and Transitional Housing Programs provide safe, affordable housing and support services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, and their children. These new programs are an exciting addition to Turning Point services.

  • In our first year of this program, Turning Point has opened nearly 30 housing units. 
  • One of the most identified barriers for survivors is safe, affordable housing.
  • Families now have a chance to re-establish themselves and seek a new life away from abuse in their own apartment for up to 24 months beyond their shelter stay. 
  • When a family moves in, we help provide furniture, dishes, and whatever else is necessary to create a safe, secure, and comfortable home. They also have access to financial literacy training, employment opportunities, career coaching as well as advocacy and counseling. 
  • For additional questions about Turning Point’s housing program contact housing@turningpointmacomb.org
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