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Adopt-A-Family Application

Thank you for applying to the adopt a family program. We make every effort to match each family with a sponsor, however, if we are unable to match your family with a sponsor your advocate will work with you to explore other options and resources. All families will be notified if they have been matched with a sponsor by November 7, 2022.

All of our sponsors have different financial means. When completing your application please use the Gift Idea boxes to list items that cost $100 or less and use the Dream Gift Ideas boxes to list if needed to list items that are over $100. Please know all items listed on the application are suggestions and it is up to the sponsor regarding items purchased.

Application Form

For phone communication(Required)
Preferred method of communication(Required)
I received adopt a family support from Turning Point in 2021(Required)
I received adopt a family support from Turning Point in 2020(Required)

Head of household information

You can add children after this section

You can add children after this section
Clothing item(s) needed(Required)
Bedding items needed(Required)

Household/family ideas

Wrapping gifts(Required)
I acknowledge this is an application and I will be notified by November 7, 2022 if my family has been matched with a sponsor.(Required)
If I am matched I acknolwledge that gifts will be donated by December 16, 2022 and I will be responsible to work with my advocate/counselor to arrange a way to pick up the gifts.(Required)
I agree if I am matched, I will write a thank you for the sponsor. I understand this thank you note may be posted on social media, used in newsletters, and/or posted on community boards. When I complete my thank you I will not include any identifying information.(Required)