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Volunteer Application

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  • Have you had any previous volunteer experience? If so, please list the name of the organization and the approximate time frame.
    OrganizationTime Frame 
  • OrganizationTime Frame 
  • Please list your level of education and any special training you have.
  • School NameCourse NameInstructor's Name 
  • What other skills do you possess that can help Turning Point?
  • Area of interest and time requirement.
  • Describe any experience you've had working with people in crisis situations:
  • Sometimes the team performs tasks such as dishwashing, donation sorting, cleaning, clerical duties, etc. How do you feel about this?
  • Turning Point's mission is to empower survivors of domestic and sexual violence through comprehensive services and resources while advocating for community action to end oppression and violence. Is this a philosophy you can support?
  • Please list 3 or more expectations or ideas that you have about volunteering at Turning Point:
  • Do you have additional thoughts, comments, or anything else you would like us to know?
  • Do you have a familial relationship with any Turning Point/Second Hand Rose staff, board member, volunteer, intern or contract worker?
  • If yes, please provide the following:
    NameRelationship to you 
  • Please list two (2) personal references (name and phone number) and one (1) business reference we can call (name, company and phone number)
  • Opportunities for volunteers are provided without regard to religion, creed, race, national origin, age, sexual orientation or sex. The organization is not obligated to provide a placement, nor are you obligated to accept the position offered. The above information is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge and Turning Point has my permission to contact the references I provided.
  • Segments of this application were adopted from First Step. Last updated by CS 6/1/2009
  • Thank you for taking the time to fill-out this application completely and honestly. Upon receipt we will notify you and schedule an interview near our next training date.

    For more information or to submit by mail, please return to:
    Turning Point, Inc.
    Attn: Volunteer Coordinator
    P. O. Box 1123
    Mt. Clemens, MI 48046
    Office: (586) 463-4430
    Fax: (586) 463-1771
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