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94.7FM WCSX is featuring a series of podcasts dedicating the second half of the broadcast to Cyndy Schalter-Salsido from Turning Point Macomb. Cyndy is a first responder and advocate for sexual assault survivors.  Listen in by clicking the links:

Women Who Rock
Quiana Broden
Winter Vinecki
Lena Sareini

Now Hiring!
Detroit News – Cheers for Charity fundraiser
Empower Survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking!

Holiday Cheer for Charity

Turning Point earned enough votes to move on to Round 2 of the Detroit News – Cheers for Charity fundraiser.

Round 2 kicks off on Friday, December 2 at 12 noon. This round, votes are counted by the dollars donated $$. (A minimum donation of $10)

Donations must be made through the Cheers for Charity Turning Point page to be counted as votes.

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