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Turning Point is honored to be chosen as the 2023 Best Managed Nonprofit by Crain’s Detroit Business!

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Children and Teen Services

Turning Point provides comprehensive services to adult victims of domestic and sexual violence, and also to children. By aiding the next generation in their healing process and giving them the coping tools and education they need, we are ending the cycle of violence in their lives.

  • Speciality Trained Staff
    Children entering shelter have left all their familiar surroundings and security. They are in crisis, their mother is in crisis and they are uncertain about their future. Specially trained Turning Point staff begins working immediately to reduce their trauma and help them adjust to their new environment. Turning Point also works to connect youth and families with the resources and support they need to remain safe after leaving the shelter.
  • Services for Children and Teens
      Individual Counseling
      Support Groups
      School Liaison and Tutoring Services
      Recreation and Family Activity Nights
      Summer camp
      Opportunities for Volunteering and Junior Council for Teens
      Educational Videos
      Pediatric Forensic Nurse Examiner Services
  • Services for Parents
      Individual Counseling
      Support Groups
      Mom chats
      Parenting groups
      Child care
  • Services for Parents and Children in the Community
    A strong support system can help a youth who witnesses domestic violence in their home avoid some of the enduring traumatic effects that the violence can have on their life. Turning Point works with children while in shelter and from the community to understand they are not alone, that the violence they have witnessed or experienced is not their fault and strengthen their coping skills. Services are also targeted to supporting their moms. Groups provide a place for parents to discuss parenting issues, and gain the support and resources to meet the daily challenges that many domestic and sexual violence victims face. Services are provided free of charge.
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